Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And we're off...

After all the planning we finally bought our plane tickets. We will be leaving for Bolivia on February 28th and we will get to Cochabamba about 24 hours later. It will be one long, exciting day and I'm sure filled with little reminders of how South America is not quite like North America. We know from our experiences in Ecuador to always expect the unexpected.

It has been amazing to see God work and provide for this ministry by forming our support team. Thank you for responding to Him. Your faithfulness has encouraged ours.

Congratulations Greta and Scott!

We are so happy that Greta and Scott got engaged this weekend! They are a wonderful couple and we are excited to welcome Scott into the family.

The happy couple

Me checking out the ring

Sharing the news with the cousins

Cheers to Scott and Greta

Friday, February 1, 2008

So close!

We are so excited today because we are close to being able to leave for Bolivia. We have about 96% of our total. We will likely be going at the end of February and we will buy our plane tickets soon. We will update as soon as we buy those plane tickets. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!

Thank you God! He is faithful and it has been awesome to see Him work in such a real way.
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