Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Lucia Lately (22 Months)

 The thought just occurred to me that Lucia is almost 2...whoa. But not so fast, we still have a few more months with our little one year old. My favorite thing right now is watching her language blossom. She says absolutely everything and puts together 2, 3 and 4 word sentences incorporating new learned words all the time. Some of my favorite sentances are "don't doooo dat" (don't do that), "No-mi, mere" (Naomi, come here) and of course "I love you Mommy". 

She loves to sing along with songs, learn new songs, go on 'bear hunts', play with her cousins, take care of her babies, color, make funny faces and noises to make others laugh, take bubble baths, read books and she still loves her 'pater' (pacifier, we'll work on that at some point). After forever calling Linnea and Cam 'mommy' and 'daddy', it is so cute to hear say "Hey, Nay-ya" and "Hey, Cam".

Lucia is a fiesty little one, always ready with a smile or a scream. She's showing stronger personality traits and it makes me curious to see how they will play out and develop as she grows up. Like when she decides that she wants to be held by someone (usually one of my sisters) and will stay with them and only them for a while. She is a people person, intent on mastering names and using them when she says hi, even her identical twin cousins Addison and Caroline. She used to call them "Addison" and "another one" but now she is starting to get their names down.

She's still a great eater and great sleeper meaning she eats almost everything put in front of her and would eat all day long if we let her and she usually sleeps around 13 hours a night. She likes to play with her stuffed animals and babies when she wakes up until she decides she wants to get out and yells until someone comes to get her. And I love that she is becoming more snugly at bedtime and beyond.

Here are a bunch of pics from the last few months...

 Naomi and Lucia playing in the leaves.

 Doing a tap dance show on the coffee table.

 Hanging out with Caroline and Addison on Thanksgiving.

 She likes to squeeze into this little spot and burst out.

 We had some fun in a HUGE leaf pile we made in the front yard.

 Caroline and Addison turned 4!

 Lucia loves her cousin Renee.

Lucia celebrating Lucia day.

 She was not so happy about wearing the crown.

 But she did pretend to pour some coffee.

 We got to celebrate early Christmas with grandma and grandpa.

Ring around the rosie.

 Playing babies with grandpa.

 Playing with her new easel with grandma.

We had great fun at our ugly sweater family Christmas party.

 There were some great outfits.

 But Cousin Eddie took the prize. You serious, Clark?

 Aw, so sweet. Even when she tried to wear something ugly, grandma still looks great.

 Here is Lucia and I on the same stairs at church where I walked down to marry Matt 7 years ago.

 Lucia and Naomi had fun making and decorating edible Christmas trees.

Lucia really liked the edible part of the project.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Missing Fall Photos

 After a camera mix up, I found some photos that I thought were lost. Earlier this year we went to Goebberts on a nice fall day. The place is a weird combination of a farm, pumpkin patch and zoo plus a ton of commercialized stuff/junk. Fun times. There are a ton of animals to see and get very close to and lots of other kids activities.

 Hmm, which pumpkin should I pick?

 Good luck with that, Lucia.

 We had fun with good friends Zeke, Janine and Aaron.

 Then it was time for our Second Annual Fall Feast. Some very good food with great friends.

 Matt and I were Ron and Sheila for Halloween. Don't ask, you either know who they are or you don't.

 Lucia was a garden gnome for Halloween. She was pretty crabby when we were putting her costume on and she refused to wear the hat after pictures were done.

She's an angry elf.

 Trick or Treating with her cousins!

Here are some older pictures that Becca took out when we were in Washington this summer:
 Playing bubbles with grandma.



 Hanging out with her 2nd cousin, Beau.

 The Johnson gang

 Debbie and sister, Terry, with their grandkids

 Twirling with momma

 Thanks for the pictures, Becca!
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