Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer so far

 We've had lots of fun this summer. It really is the best time in Chicago plus we haven't had to deal with much and humid weather so far. Lots of very pleasant days. Lucia is almost 17 months now and continues to grow up (crazy how that happens, right?)

She still loves to eat, try new foods, carry around purses, put things in those purses, brush her teeth, color, ride in the wagon, listen to fun songs, say 'yeah', copy words and songs and get rowdy with her cousins. It is amazing seeing her learn new words, use them in the right way and really understand what we are saying. She can follow simple directions, is starting to pretend play and says things like 'thank you', 'bye' and 'night-night' on her own. She says about 10-15 words at this point and can copy many more. She is down to one nap and continues to be a great sleeper. She's definitely getting into some toddler tantrums and continues to express her emotion by biting or trying to bite others (working on it). She is learning how to use eating utensils but in the meantime, she usually refuses to let us help her which means oatmeal/apple sauce/cottage cheese everywhere. So many fun new things but of course each stage brings their new challenges. She's a cutie and we love her!

 Helping out at home by raking the leaves and throwing them in the trash can.

 Looking at baby Renee

 Gwen and Renee

 We walked to our wedding reception site to get some last pics before it gets demolished and becomes some multi million dollar home. It is close to my parents house in Winnetka and across the street from one of my childhood favorite parks.

 Lucia liked the park too

 Father's day at the beach

 GG and Renee

 Forth of July on our friends' rooftop

 A perfect spot for 360 degree fireworks viewing

 Cousin time

 Hanging with Janine and the Zekester

 Such a cutie!

 Beach time

 Her tummy is her greatest feature

Scott's Resort (The New Afterglow)

 We enjoyed a wonderful week with my family at Scott's Resort this year. It was good weather, horrible bugs but a great time. It's always fun to get out of the city and be outside for a while. Plus, my phone had no service which was a great break and reminder that I can live without them. 

Almost everyone was from the Wallgren clan was there at least a few days (sorry Eric). The cabins were new to us since we outgrew our last resort (there are about 35 of us total). We were really happy with the place and look forward to going back next year.

 'Breakfast club' on the first morning.

 Lucia in her Camp Wallgren shirt

 Fun on the tire swing

 Lucia had lots of fun in the water. It was great, shallow, sandy water for the kids to play in.

 Gathering around baby Renee. I have almost the exact same picture of the older girls doing that to Lucia when she was that age.

 Ice cream!

 This ramp outside the ice cream store is always a hit.

 Lucia and her cousins

 Some of our cabins

 I guess Lucia was over this whole picture thing by this point

 We even had a baby shower for Anne and Pete! Baby Anderson will make great-grandchild number 10 for G G and Great Grandpa Ray.

 We had some lovely tea and lots of good food to celebrate. My mission was to recreate our favorite tea sandwiches from high tea at the Drake. Definitely worth the effort.

 Mom-to-be Anne, Julie and Beth

 We tie-dyed onesies which was a perfect and really cute outdoor activity.

A fun time had by all. Until next year...
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