Friday, March 21, 2008

The Hacienda

We just found a house to rent (we´ll post pictures soon) but we wanted to show where we were staying in the meantime. We stayed in the Hacienda which normally houses the Interns on our team and short term teams that come to Bolivia. It is up in the woods a bit so it is very peaceful and surrounded by many chirping birds. I loved getting up in the mornings and taking some time to read in the hammocks before the day started. Very peaceful. We are happy to settle into a place of our own but we loved being at the Hacienda and getting to spend time with Michelle, Jaclyn, Kristin, Justin (the Interns) and the North Park team that was here last week.
Here are some pictures...
The front of the Hacienda

The downstairs porch.

The upstairs porch. I love the hammocks.

Matt and I on our first day in Bolivia

Our room. Yep, bunk beds.
Sorry about the delay in posts...(Dave) takes us a while to get them together. The other day I tried to upload some photos and waited about a half an hour but then it just failed anyway. It can be frustrating. We still do all our internetting (not a word?) from internet cafes. Once we get internet in our house it will be more frequent. I promise...we have a lot to share.


David said...

You better you remember where I live? I'll fill you in: Mason City, IOWA. I have to live vicariously through others. But good post! Keep up the good work.

Christine said...

Who got the turtles and stars blanket? That's the one I would've wanted. Love you, read my email.

Katherine said...

Good to see how you guys are doing! I sent your blog to my siblings in the Dominican, they are praying for you and so am I! Glad to hear you found a place to rent. I look forward to seeing more pictures & posts!!

Katie Hampton

hannah joy said...

elsa and matt! you're my southern neighbors (ok...pretty far south).

how's the spanish coming? quieren una "pen pal" en espanol?

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