Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dia de los Ninos

This past Saturday was "Dia de los Ninos" in Bolivia. They have Mother's and Father's day like we do but also children's day. I thought it sounded like a great idea. We spent the day with all the kids and the parents from one of the orphanages. We went to this HUGE park where we played games and played with them all over the park. It was quite an accomplishment just keep track of all the kids since there were hundreds of other kids there. It was fun to celebrate the children and be with them for a day of fun.

A bunch of kids were playing "slide" on the half-pipe.
I thought it would make for an interesting picture.

An interesting thing from that day...there were a bunch of "photo op" spots set up with a bunch of big stuffed animals. There were big stuff Barney's, leopards, lions and ponies. They were set up so that kids and parents could take pictures by all the stuffed animals. As I got closer to them I touched the mane of one of the "ponies". Then I looked more carefully at it and realized that it was not a "pony" but a real, stuffed pony! I could see the spot where it had been sewn back together. Unfortunately it was after I had touched it that I realized this. Oh, Bolivia.

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