Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dedication of House Number Five

There is a team from North Park here right now. They are a great team and it's a lot of fun for Matt and I to make connections with them. You know how the Covenant is.

They have done a lot since they got here but one special thing that they were a part of was dedicating and praying for House 5. We went to the future site of House 5 and took some time to pray for the house, the building, the house parents and especially for the children that will one day live there. It was awesome to be a part of the dedication and to think of how children that might be losing their parents and losing hope as we speak will have hope soon because of living at this house.

Mike talking to the team

Part of our team including me, Mike and Bonnie Timmer, Gracey Timmer breaking ground, Kristen, Michelle, Tiffany, Andrea and a couple of kids from Villa Israel. Villa Israel is one of the orphanages and is not far from this new site.


Anonymous said...

Hey Matt & Elsa!

How cool! I love all the pics and enjoyed hearing about the site of house #5. To God be the glory! You 2 are too cute!

Blessings, Kathy

Matrika said...

Great work.

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