Monday, May 5, 2008

La Casa de los Johnson

So it's about time that we posted some pictures of where we live. We live in an area called "Ciudad del Nino" which is a bit out of the city. But it only takes about 15 minutes to drive here from the city. And that's nothing being from Chicago, right Chicagoans!

We are blessed to live in a very nice house though because it is a bit farther away from things. If the same house were in the city we would probably not be able to afford it. I guess no one wants to live where we do because we can't believe how cheap rent is! That seems like the only explanation. In return for being further away we get a beautiful view of both the mountains and the city. Another nice thing about the house was that even at a low rent price it came fully furnished! It was very nice not having to worry about getting everything once we moved in. We even have some beautiful Bolivian paintings.

We have enjoyed living here so far and hope you enjoy some pictures of the place.

The mountains in the distance on our road.

Our street. Doesn't have a name but we think it should be "Johnson" street. A lot going on out here, huh?

Here she is. Every house here has a fence or wall to protect from getting robbed. And we have some very spiky metal spikes and an electric charge on our wall to go with it. So don't even think about robbing us.

Here is our door from the inside of the property.

Our sad little palm tree and some statues. One of them is decapitated.

I think this looks oddly realistic up close.

Our car.

Another view of the yard and front of the house.

A spot to barbecue. You can't really see in this picture but
there are beautiful green mountains in the background.

The pool which is so gross right now that it has fostered it's very own ecosystem. I swear I have seen fish in there and cannot figure out how they got there. We also have our very own little Chosa...CBCE, you know what I'm talking about.

More yard. View from the front door.

Front of the house.

Front door from inside the house.

Dining room.

Living room. We put fleecy fabric over all the couches because they were very uncomfortable. It's like sitting on plastic. Someone once said here that there is no comfortable furniture in Bolivia and I believe it.

The kitchen.

Gotta have clean water.

Going upstairs.

The upstairs landing and also our office for now.

Our bedroom.

One of our views. And that's also a mountain that we climbed.

A view from one of the back windows.

So there you have it. La casa de los Johnson. I know I love having a mental picture of where people are so I tried to give a complete picture of where we are. And if that's not enough than you can just come down and stay here with us!


Anonymous said...

Hey you 2,

Nice pad & nice surroundings! Not too shabby for serving the Lord in Bolivia, huh? Blessings to you in your new abode -- Kathy

David said...

I hope at least that those tiles are cold in the morning to keep you humble...

Ashley said...

That looks sweet! Can't wait to come visit!

Kim said...

Nice tour :) I dare you to go swimming!

Megan Moberly said...

your new house looks so beautiful! And the view looks amazing :)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

Hey! Your house is beautiful - it was really nice to meet you guys last night...


Mollyanne said...

"i think this looks oddly realistic up close" such an amazing comment, especially because those are some spooky and sad little boy statues!

we miss you- we are celebrating jaime's bday tonight AND tomorrow because one day isn't enough for her... some things never change. i wish we could all celebrate together!

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