Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roasting some coffee

This past weekend we had a chance to roast some coffee with our team leader Mike. The name of the coffee is "Bolivia's Best" and is one the business' that helps support our orphanages. Most of the unroasted coffee is shipped to the States where it is roasted and sent out to whoever buys it (look below the pictures for information on how to buy it). All the proceeds go to the orphanages. Anyway, we roast some of it here in Bolivia as well which I love cause we can buy it here and have it to drink.

If you know me, you know that I have worked in one coffee shop or another since I was 16 so I loved seeing the process of roasting. And for those of you who are also interested, here are some pictures...

Juan, our coffee roaster, has some coffee trees in his backyard.

The coffee cherries up close. Juan said that these cherries would be red in a few months.

Our unroasted coffee. These beans come from a different part of Bolivia called Yungas. They are shipped to the States to be roasted in Michigan and then some is shipped to Juan to roast here in Bolivia. They looked like peanuts.

First step: pouring the coffee into the roaster.

Then the roaster gets to work.

Once it's ready to come out it starts popping like popcorn. Then it's poured in this bin that helps spread out the coffee to cool quickly. It is really hot and steamy when it comes out.


The very beautiful finished product.

Last step: weighing and bagging. I felt like I was back at work.

Also, if you're interested in buying some of our coffee you can go to
and buy some. And just so you know, it is very good coffee!


Greta said...

This will not come as a surprise but that was very interesting to me too! Now that I have a link of where to buy this coffee I can bring it up again at the next Missions Meeting about changing over from our yucky coffee.

Love you guys! Thanks for joining us for dinner the other night :)

Tim said...

Elsa and Matt,

I went to Winnetka Covenant Church this morning with Jaime and Julia. We met up with Jenna and Jim and Cary and their girls. As you probably know, there is a decorated bulletin board in the church describing the different missions around the world and I was really happy to see a great picture of you and Matt on a little postcard along with a description of what you guys are doing in Bolivia.

The whole church prayed for you both and I especially did today because I was just really touched to see your faces (even though you're so far away) and touched to know that so many people were praying especially for you both and all the good things you are doing.

I hope all is well and I really enjoy reading your blog and catching up on your new life down there.

We miss you!

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