Sunday, June 8, 2008

Off to Chile in the morning

We just wanted to let you know of our visa situation here and maybe ask for some prayer. We knew we would be the first on our team to deal with new visa laws because we were the first to arrive after Bolivia changed it's immigration laws regarding US citizens. We were not sure just how much these new laws would effect us but have now found out that these new laws effect us quite directly. In the past, someone living in Bolivia could obtain a tourist visa at the airport then use the 90 days this visa allows to apply for a one year visa. So this is what we did. When we went to get our one year visa, we were told that we need a different kind of visa to obtain the one year visa. We were also told that we can only get this certain visa if we go to the States or another country. So we decided that we could get this visa once we are in the States next December.

The problem is that we now have gone past our 90 days of being here on a tourist visa and are paying each day now just to be in Bolivia. Luckily with our visas we can leave the country and then come back and be good for another 90 days. This seems like our only option for the time being because its the cheapest and most sensible. So we are going to the closest town in Chile for a couple days and hoping that we will be able to get back into the country with our existing visas. Two different lawyers have told us that we should have no problem but you never quite know in South America.

We're sure an adventure awaits us and we'll tell you about it when we get back.

Chile, here we come!


hannah joy said...

oh yes miss elsa...i know all about that visa mess.

good luck, and enjoy chili while you're at it!

David said...

I know this is probably a hassle, but kind of fun get to visit a new country...that's fun right? What would you expect?

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