Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our week

We haven't been the healthiest pair lately. Matt has been sick for about three weeks. And my (Elsa's) week in terms of health has been so ridiculous that I had to write a blog about it.

Let me tell you about it. I started off the week by going to the dentist because one of my fillings fell out. I left her office after finding out that I had six other cavities that need to be filled...yep, seven fillings. And two of these cavities required a "minor surgery" to cut a bit of my gums off for better access to the cavities. That was for you Jaime, Luke and Molly. So there is one part of the week...three dentist appointments, two fillings and more appointments and fillings to look forward to.

Then the day after the first dentist appointment I was walking to get some X-rays of my teeth (because you have to go to a different place to do that) when I fell and I fell bad. There was a part of the sidewalk where an uprooted tree buckled the concrete to about a 45 degree angle and it was also slippery for some reason and I fell hard...ending up downhill and barely able to walk at first. So that gave me a limp for a couple days. Plus it's hard to drive a stick when your knee is killing you.

Then about three days ago I caught this awful cold. And the day after that I was stomach sick with extreme pain in my stomach as well as other unpleasant symptoms. After two sleepless nights and great pain, I went to the clinic today and it turns out that this cold is so bad that it is putting bacteria in my stomach as least the two are related, right? Now I've got some medicine and Matt is doing better and better. But I realized that I have had 7 different shots this week, some Novocaine and some not, and about the same amount of doctors/dentists and nurses checking me out. So that's what we've been up to this week...except for the fact that we were working too. At least we are sick this week and not next...when Jeff, Matt's brother, comes.

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David said...

Okay, this probably wasn't meant to be humorous, but it kind of was...that is to say, I hope you are feeling better!

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