Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Visiting Chapare

We went to Chapare (jungle region of Cochabamba) last Friday to visit a few of our orphanages there. One of them is done and waiting to be inspected and approved by child welfare and the other is in the beginning stages of being built. This is the one being built...

Working on the foundation of house number 5

Matt, Jeff and Kristin in front of the newest house

These kids were just so cute. They lived in the second village we were in that day. We were at the site of the house that is complete. These kids shyly walked up to us asking our names and they ended up hanging out with us for a while.

Since we were in the jungle it was very hot and a popular activity for playing and bathing is going down to the river. So we walked down to the river with the kids and put our feet in while they all stripped down to their undies and jumped in. It was fun until all the kids ganged up on us and decided to splash us until we were soaked. But it did feel good to cool off.

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Gwen said...

Cute elsa you get 1257$

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