Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Around the city

Cochabamba really is a beautiful city. There are so many wonderful parks, plazas and old, picturesque churches and buildings around town. Here are some pictures of some of those beautiful things around town...

This church is kind of hidden in a little plaza close to downtown.

A strip of park that lays in between two roads in an area called El Prado.

A plaza at the end of El Prado called Plaza Colon.

A fountain in the main plaza.

An interesting statue that you drive under as you go to the airport.

Katie and Kristin with Santa. It feels a little strange with everyone getting ready for Christmas while its 80 degrees. It just isn't right!

The best part about our buses, which we call trufis here, are the way they are decorated.

And Luka just got fixed but she looks just as cute in her cone.

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