Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We're back

We're back in Bolivia! We had such a wonderful time in the States and are thankful to all who made it so wonderful. We got to spend a lot of time with and celebrate Christmas with family and friends, had a great time being a part of my sister Greta's wedding, got to meet our new adorable niece Sonja, loved spending time with loved ones in Washington and being able to go to our home churches. It was a wonderfully enriching and refreshing trip. We were so appreciative for all the little things about home that we may have been taking for granted before. But driving to the airport in -15 degrees did make it a little easier to leave.

We made it back without too much drama. It was quite a long trip though; we left Friday morning from Chicago and arrived at our house at 10:00 pm on Sunday night. Our trip was from Chicago to Toronto then Toronto to Lima, Peru. We waited at the airport in Lima from 11:00 pm until 6:00 AM for our flight but then ended up waiting 3 hours on the plane when we were told that we had to get off the plane. I, Elsa, didn't even know it had been 3 hours though because I was passed out sleeping. So we got off the plane and waited another hour or so then re-boarded and took off for Cuzco, Peru where we stayed the night. The next morning we flew to La Paz, Bolivia where we thought we would be for just two hours. Well, it wasn't that simple. Our flight was delayed four times and we ended up getting back that night instead of the afternoon. One thing is for sure: you've got to be flexible living in Bolivia otherwise you'll go crazy!

But it's good to be back. Thanks to all who prayed for a safe trip. We'll keep you posted.

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