Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The following is an exerpt from our April newsletter explaining a change for us here in Bolivia...

We wrote our last newsletter feeling hopeful and excited about our new house parents in the Villa Israel home. Soon after writing that however, they informed us that they were too overwhelmed with the job and would be resigning. We were saddened to hear this news and it became clear that there had to be a drastic change in that house. We ultimately had to relocate all of the children to other orphanages that could care for them. We thought it was better for them to change homes than to go through another change of house parents when we couldn’t be sure if the change in house parents would be final. It was heartbreaking to see them leave but we knew it was better for them. That house has now closed while the search for new house parents continues. Fortunately, there was some space available at our other home so two of the boys, Franz and Elian, were able to move into the Frutillar home. We have seen a positive change in both of them since this happened. They are happier, talking more, and seem to be fitting right in. Viviana, who we have written to you about before, has really taken them in and shown a special interest in them. It has been very encouraging to see that home continue to run well and be a blessing to all of the kids there.

Having said all this, we find ourselves in a tough situation because currently in our ministry
there is only one house open and all of the interns we are working with will be gone by the end of

Unfortunately, this means that there is not enough work with our team for us to be able to
justify the resources it takes for us to be here. We recognize your giving is sacrificial and we
want to be doing work that justifies that giving. Moreover, we want to be wholeheartedly serving and honoring God in the work we are doing. So with these points in mind we are leaving our team and joining a different International Teams team in Cochabamba. This decision was made with our IT regional director and with the support of our IT USA home office.

God’s timing is perfect and amazing. While we have been contemplating our significance and
usefulness on our team, David, our new team leader, has been praying for God to provide his
team with new members. The team we are joining has a constant need for more members and
we are excited to be a part of it. This team runs a drop-in center for kids in a poor neighborhood
of the city. The mission of El Centro de Amistad, Center of Friendship, is to let kids be kids,
teach them the Bible, show them good hygiene techniques, offer help with homework and provide them with some food. Matt will be working with teenage boys and Elsa will be teaching a class of 8-14 year old girls. We are looking forward to developing relationships with these kids and being examples to them of God’s love as many of them come from challenging family situations. Ournew team leaders are a Bolivian couple, David and Toti Quiroga, who we have known since we arrived in Bolivia and we look forward to getting to know them better. The other thing we will be focusing on is helping fellow IT team members, Nathan and Kate Spies, to start a foundation here in Bolivia that will aim to provide financial support to Bolivian Christians and missionaries who really need it.

So we are excited about this change within International Teams and look forward to serving at the Center and with Nate and Kate.

P.S. I can´t figure out why the format is all messed up...sorry.

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