Saturday, November 28, 2009

Okay, I know I haven't posted in a while so here's a little update on our lives...

We have been very fortunate to have our good friends Nate and Emily come to Cochabamba for a second visit. Last year they stayed with us for about 3 weeks on their way through Brazil and Bolivia and this year they are with us again for another 3 weeks on their way through Peru and Bolivia. Unfortunately, Nate has spent the last three nights in the hospital with an infection but he is doing fine and just got out after being loaded with fluids and antibiotics. Hopefully, he will stay healthy for the rest of their trip. We did have a lot of fun together before he got sick though...and more good times to come before they go back to Peru.

We now have only about 3 weeks left in Bolivia which is so weird. We are definitely in the winding down stages now and trying to figure out all the stuff we need/want to do in Cochabamba before we leave. There are a lot of little errands to do, people to see and random places and restaurants to visit in the last few weeks. Plus we have to move out of our house and get rid of all the stuff we aren't going to bring back. Now I'm very thankful for having bought just the bare-minimum of what we needed to live here cause now we don't have as much to get rid of.

We just had our last normal week at the Center. There are a few more special events we will go to and we won't say good-bye to the kids until a few days before we leave when we go to the Christmas program but yesterday was our last normal day. It was a little strange to be there for the last normal day but also nice that we didn't have to say bye to the kids yet. Thinking of all the people we will say good-bye to makes me sad already and that will definitely be hard.

Here are some pictures from our last week at the Center...

Me, Jhoselin, Andrea and Brenda

Andrea and Matt

So apparently we have a lot of pictures with Andrea. She is really sweet and actually one of my favorite girls at the Center even though I guess I shouldn't have favorites.

On our last day we were celebrating all the kids who had birthdays in November (and actually December since it's going to be a crazier month with Christmas stuff going on). There were about 70 kids which is a lot so it was a little chaotic when they were all waiting for cake.

This is the view when we are waiting for a bus after the Center...never get sick of that view with the mountains. The Center is just up the road two blocks and a half block to the left.

I decided to make Thanksgiving happen as best I could. I had Emily bring some stuff from the States to make it authentic. We had almost all the traditional foods and it was my first time making a turkey and everything else and it all turned out pretty good. The downer was that we had wanted to celebrate with Nate and Emily but they were in the hospital so we had to send them food instead of all being together.

Lily helping me make some food...I guess I was a little scared of the huge knife pointing at me.

The finished turkey.

And all the other felt very good to accomplish making everything in Bolivia.

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Ted, Caroline, and Jude Mosey said...

Heeyyyyyy....nice-looking green bean casserole! We're sad you're leaving. Put us on your list of people to see before you go!

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