Friday, December 18, 2009

We have spent this week, our last week in Bolivia, rushing around and getting things done and having some dinners and going away parties. One was on Tuesday at Nate and Kate's house and it was an IT going away party for us slash IT Christmas party. It was fun but also hard and very emotional having everyone tell us what we mean to them and having to say good-bye to a few ITers.

Here Norma is explaining that Christmas gift game where you choose a gift then you can steal other people's. Notice the Christmas tree in the background. Our friends Nate and Kate are from Australia so they put up a eucalyptus branch for a Christmas tree to remind them of all the eucalyptus trees they have at home. Except they call them gum trees.

Matt is super excited to open his gift...a Bolivia shirt.


Kate, Norma and Lily. Lily got glasses, so cute.

And last night we had a dinner with our team from the Center. They all have been so incredibly encouraging to us over the past two years but especially now. They have been like family to us here in Bolivia and they want to say thank you to our families for letting them have us for a little bit. It seems like every conversation we all have lately ends with "tienen que volver a visitar con hijos!" (you have to come back to visit with kids!) Which is fitting since we have been asked about 100 or more times why we don't have kids since being in Bolivia.


Anonymous said...

Elsa and Matt,
Be sure to pass on a grande Muchas Gracias from the Wallgren's back to David and Totie, Howard and Norma, Nate and Kate(and families) for loving and caring for you guys during your time there. We enjoyed meeting everybody and feel they are all part of our family now. Blessed Christmas Greetings to all of you and may God continue to provide you with the resources to bring the love of Christ to those precious kids!
With love,
The Wallgrens

Anonymous said...

I'll pass it on!


Dave B. said...

I cannot WAIT for you two to be home!

Kristen said...

Aww, this makes me so sad for you guys!! I know, it's bittersweet, and I'm sure you're super excited to be home for Christmas...but still...Bolivia is wonderful. Safe travels and MERRY Christmas.

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