Friday, November 12, 2010

We had a wonderful weekend last weekend visiting with friends from Bolivia. Our friends the Spies were staying with our other friends the Moseys (all friends from Bolivia) in Indianapolis so we headed down for the weekend to join in. We hadn't seen the Moseys since March and the Spies since we left Bolivia so it was so great to reconnect. Saying goodbye to the Spies was so hard, I would even say devastating, as we had become so close and didn't know if we would ever see each other again seeing as they live in Bolivia and are from Australia. So being together again was truly wonderful.

It was also fun to be in Indianapolis and see around a new city. I had no idea it was such a charming little city!
Matt, Me, (Ada), Caroline, Daisy, Nate, Kate, (Poppy) and Lily
This was our attempt at a group shot but missing Ted and Jude.

Matt and Daisy

Lily (Spies), Ada (Mosey), Daisy (Spies)

It looks like I captured some funny faces but really I asked Daisy and Lily to smile and they both just squinted until there eyes were pretty much closed.

Kate and Poppy

Both the Spies and Moseys had had a baby since the last time we saw them so it was fun to meet little Ada and Poppy for the first time.

The guys with their meat smoker.

Jude and cute

So I wanted to show these last two pictures because it shows just how long we've known the Spies now...
This is Nathan, Kate and Lily this weekend.

And this is Nathan, Kate and Lily when we first met them our first month in Bolivia.

Thank you Ted and Caroline for hosting all of us this weekend! It's great that we live so close (relatively speaking) that we can hang out with you guys! And luckily this time we don't really have to say good-bye to the Spies as they are planning a visit to Chicago in February.


Greta Bailey said...

woo hoo...can't wait to meet the Spies in February after hearing about them for years! Glad you had a fun weekend.

Kate said...

Elsa i am literally crying! I love this post and i LOVE you guys!!!! It was so extremely good to see you. Start getting Chicago ready for us, please turn on the heat now.

Kristen said...

oh so jealous! Glad you all got to meet up! I can imagine you made some fantastic memories!! I'm definitely coming to Chicago for the next reunion!!! :)

adrian said...

me too!

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