Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We had a wonderful (but short) trip to Washington last weekend. It was great to be there, spend time with the Johnsons and even celebrate a late Christmas! We squeezed a lot into a long weekend but also manged to have lots of time to relax. And there were lots of the three F', food and football!

Hanging out with the Johnson side. I realized that I didn't really have any candid photos of Washington family so I tried to get some. I love this one with Matt, his grandpa and Matt's cousin's son, Tristan.

Debbie, Matt's cousin's daughter, Maggie, and Jeff.

Matt and Tristan

Mark and Maggie

Matt and his uncle Al

The next day we got to hang out with the Anderson side. Here is Matt, Matt's uncle Jim, cousin Maggie and uncle Doug.

Mark and Matt. You can see in the background how green and lush it is there, even in January!

Jim and Matt's cousin Justin.

The Johnson fam.

The birthday boys. Jim's mission throughout the day was to make Jeff feel as awkward as possible with extended hugs and making him sit on his lap...and I think he succeeded!

We were able to be there for Jeff's 30th birthday which was fun. This is at Jeff and our friend Jenny's joint birthday party.

We went bowling on the way to grandma and grandpa's in Shelton which was a first for all of us. I liked the old, rustic-looking sign.

Turns out Mark is an awesome bowler and whooped us all! Here he is in action.

So it was rainy and cloudy almost the whole time we were there but at least it was warmer than freezing Chicago.

And at least we were able to see Mount Rainier on our way back to Chicago which is always beautiful.

Thanks Johnsons for a great trip!

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Debbie said...

Thanks Elsa for the great pictures. It is always great fun when you guys come out west! Your snow pictures are amazing.

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