Saturday, February 26, 2011

Babysitting the twins

I watched my twin nieces for a day last week while my sister and her husband were out of town. It was lots of fun to spend the day with them...especially since they stayed happy and were so well behaved all day! (Not that I would've loved them any less if they weren't :) Honestly, the hardest part of the day was figuring out how to expand the stroller. You've got some good little girls, Scott and Greta.

I also just love the chance to have a whole day to take some good close-up pictures of them cause they are so adorable.

Babies are just so cute first thing in the morning. I think they were a little confused why I was there in the morning when Scott put them to bed.

Addison Caroline


Caroline again


Caroline has got some good goofy faces


All bundled up for a walk

1 comment:

The Johnson Family said...

I love the shiny purple coats with the fuzzy hoods - double cuteness! :)

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