Saturday, February 19, 2011

There are two things I wanted to add to the previous post...

First of all, the Spies gave us this box from Bolivia as a thank you and it is just beautiful.

Not only is it special to us because it is a gift from the Spies but it is also special to us because it was made by an artist that lived on the same street as us in Bolivia. I knew that she made things that she sold out of her house and I had always intended to go look but I never did and always regretted it. Kate ended up there at some point and I'm so grateful to now have one of her pieces myself! Thanks for picking it out, Kate, and thanks for carrying it all the way here, Nate!

Secondly, I wanted to mention that the reason the Spies were on their way home is because they will be there to fund raise for the association that they founded with Bolivians in 2009. The name of it is Roots Association and its mission is to help support national Bolivian missionaries, pastors and seminary students. Something that we learned and that the Spies were inspired by is that there are a lot of amazing Bolivian pastors and missionaries that are doing a great job in their ministries and making a small amount of resources go a long way. Roots comes along side these individuals and ministries.

Here is the vision and mission of Roots from their website...

Vision: We dream to see strong Bolivian Christian ministries forming authentic disciples who reflect the character and priorities of Christ.

Mission: To facilitate training, provide resources and mobilize funding so that Bolivian Christian ministries are empowered to fulfill their own God given visions.

This is an amazing ministry so check out their website!

(It is also one of the links on the right hand side of our blog)

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