Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Well, Chicago officially went crazy over "Blizzard 2011" / "Thundersnow" / "Snowpocalypse". The news anchors seemed to be loving it and today they were all slap happy after talking about it for over 24 hours straight. We have actually been hearing about this storm for days and nobody really believed it would quite live up to the expectations but in the end I have to say it did. The massive amount of snow was one thing but the wind, thunder and lightning just brought it to a whole new level.

It was snowing inside our apartment (due to crazy wind and a gap in our storm window)

Because we live really close to the lake it was super windy and created weird snow distribution. Above is the door up to our apartment. Not bad...

And this is another door in our building just across the courtyard.

Once the blizzard stopped we took a walk around our neighborhood. Here we are walking across Lake Shore Drive (never thought I would do that) with one of the 700 cars that had to be towed off LSD in the background.

Looking out at the lake.

A buried fire hydrant.

Luckily our car isn't as buried this one.


John said...

Thanks for changing the color from "you know who I am Dad"

adrian said...

Snowpocalypse!!!?!?! haha.

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