Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Windows

The good thing about renting is that every once in a while you get a call like "Hey, so we want to upgrade your windows for you. Oh, and we'll redo all the tile in your bathroom while we're at it." So you come home from work one day and the window fairy has come and gone (and has cleaned up after himself like he was never there).

Here is one of the old ones...

I have to say that I did like the old ones for their vintage features.

But I guess being able to properly open and shut your windows wins out over cool looking chains...but just barely.

Here are the new ones...

Old hardware

New hardware

Okay, the worst of our old windows was the one in the kitchen. I wasn't sad to see this one go. Look how dingy and dirty it was (and impossible to clean because of the metal grate on the other side).

And now it's gleaming! I couldn't believe how bright the kitchen became. Still impossible to clean but fine for now.

Out with old and in with the new. And no effort required on our part.

And for an update of our plans...we have decided to renew our lease and stay in our place for one more year. We went back and forth but in the end it seems like the best (and most realistic) thing to do is rent one more year. So that means we'll be in this place until June 2012.

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