Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

It was my birthday on Sunday and it was a great day celebrating with friends and family. Matt especially did a great job of making me feel special; I have a great husband!

A highlight for me was the angel food cake my mom made. For someone who doesn't like cake...I love this cake! And if you know the Wallgrens then you know that there is a tradition behind it. My grandma used to make it for my mom and her and her sisters every birthday growing up and my mom did the same for (me and) my siblings. I mean, I think she meant to make one for me every year but somehow I slipped through the cracks.

A few years ago my mom didn't make the cake for my older sister for some reason and my sister said it was the first year she hadn't had this cake in her life. And I was like "What are you talking about? Mom hasn't made it for me since I was little!" So I wondered about my other siblings and yep, turns out they have never missed a year either. What!?! Well, we figured out that I missed out on the birthday cakes since my birthday is in the summer and we weren't always home. Whatever, I'm over it.

Well, my mom came through this year! You're never too old for a home-made, mom-made birthday cake.

The best part is the icing! Here's the family recipe...tried and true.

A picture from my parent's house of my sisters holding me the day I was brought home from the hospital. They were also, unknowingly (to them and my parents), at this very moment, giving me the chicken pox! Well, 2 pox at least.

And me with my littlest niece, Naomi.

And the party continued at one of my favorite restaurants, Ron of Japan. I didn't take any pictures but I did get some secrets from the chefs (more on that another time). Thanks to Matt for organizing everything and making it a great day!


Dave B. said...

The first few paragraphs make me think you're not quite over it. Happy belated birthday! (I'm a bad friend!)

Linnea said...

and for the record, i have not gotten the cake for quite some time.

Elsa Johnson said...

okay, so basically it was just greta...i'm surprised mom hasn't added anything yet

Greta Bailey said...

I'm still sad i did not get a cake this year. oh well :) Happy you got yours!!!!

The Johnson Family said...

Happy Birthday, Elsa! My birthday was yesterday - we are June babies! The cake looks super yummy, love the old picture of baby you with your sisters, and Naomi is adorable! And you look great too - love your shirt with the flowers on it. :) And P.S. I'm not forgetting that you have the Ron of Japan secrets to share.

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