Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Weekend in MN

I had a great girls weekend in Minnesota a few weekends ago. It was a short time that by way too fast but it was wonderful to have some solid quality time with some of my favorite people (it's crazy to think that we have known each other for almost 10 years now!). And we have to spend as much time as possible with Christine before she moves to the other side of the world...aka, Africa.

Love you girls! Ashley, Janine, Me, Carolyn and Christine at the apple orchard. How did we spend so much time in that random building?

Relaxing with some tea at Ashley's.

I could really get used to waking up to this view.

We did a lot in a short amount of time but we probably had the most fun with the viewfinders. "I can't even believe what I am looking at!" May the fun live on through Manu.

Thanks for hosting us Ashley! And thank you Carolyn for taking time out of your crazy schedule to hang out with us! It was great to be with you both and I only wish that we all lived closer to each other. I guess the distance just makes our time together even better.

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