Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lucia Lately (6 months)

Lucia is now 6 months old as of this week, crazy! It is so fun to watch her grow and learn new things and I love to see her personality emerge. She has developed so much in the last month. It seems like once she masters one new skill she quickly starts practicing the next one. Some new things include: sitting on her own, eating solid foods, sleeping longer and scooting/early stages of crawling. She loves to smile, laugh and make new noises and those new noises really make us laugh. Here are some pics from the last month or so...

 She is still pretty good at taking naps all sorts of places. This surely won't last long though.

 With her cousin, Gwen

 Naomi and Lucia

 And some more cousin time

 With me at my grandma and grandpa's 85th birthday party

 Before she was sitting on her own, she liked to sit like this

 Her first time eating rice cereal...pretty neutral

 And her first time eating fruit...the quintessential funny face pictures

 Lucia is a great eater. She loves it so much that she usually whines with desperation for each bite til it's gone. She is also the messiest eater, ever. I suppose it's because she eats like in the above picture...both hands involved in each bite. It ends with food smeared across her face, dripping off her fingers and elbows and spilling on the floor. And if you think that you would be the one to be able to feed her without the mess, good luck, because many have tried and all have failed.

 Hanging at Lake Michigan

 And she's out

Speaking of cute sleeping pictures...

 In mor mor and grandpa's backyard

 Sitting up on her own!

 Sleepover with all of her cousins!

 Taking in all the new things at the zoo

And lastly, a few smiley pictures of her in her crib today


Bethany said...

She's such a cutie!

mom said...

Great post!! I vouch for the eating messily comment - hopefully it will change (and soon), but eating neatly just can't be done.
I love the overnight with all of the cousins picture. I look back and am amazed that we were able to take pictures of all of the cousins lined up on the couch when you all were little. Didn't realize what an accomplishment it was.

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