Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little bunny!

 My mom made this costume for my oldest sister when she was little and (almost) every baby in the fam has worn it since. Who knew that this little costume would get so much use! Here is my sister's post of her oldest wearing the same costume when she was little plus Linnea when she was little...(click here)

 Complete with little tail

 Linnea and I took our girls to go visit our grandparents at Covenant Village. Here was the crew.

 Plenty of room to crawl around!

 Grandpa wore this sweatshirt to celebrate Halloween (his name is Raymond)

 An angel and a queen

 A very cute little zebra

 Lucia and Naomi are really starting to play together now that Lucia can get herself around


 Lucia changed into a warmer kitty costume for trick-or-treating

 Complete with tail

The trick-or-treating crew

 The cousins minus Addison who was sick :( 

Well, we tried to get a pic of her by the pumpkin but she just kept trying to grab it. Oh well! It's fun that we have Lucia's cousins to tag along with since she couldn't care less about Halloween yet. She sure looked cute though.

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