Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lucia Lately (9 months)

Whoa, where did the time go? We have known our little Lucia for a while now! According to her stats, she is just above average for weight and about 75th percentile for height. She is a busy and feisty little girl who enjoys "dancing" to music and is getting loud! Her favorite noises to make seem to start with 'B', like 'bah' or 'be' and sometimes something sounding like "Buddha" (more like "buddha, buddha, buddha"). She seems to like talking to herself while she plays or in response to us or others. Sometimes she just looks at you straight in the eye, waits a second til you are really looking back at her, and then pronounces "be!". She also loves to hold her right hand up high for a second then smack it down and yell "Bah!" or "Woulda-woulda". There are lots of other sounds but these seem to be her faves for now. She also has learned to use her voice for whining as well little glimpses of tantrums when she doesn't get something that she wants...just a little foretaste of the next phase I suppose. New to this phase is that she gets really clingy with us when we are around other people until she has a little time to get comfortable.

She is still crawling and standing but not quite letting go yet to free stand. She has gotten better at walking along things. She is exploring new places and finding all of the crevices of our apartment...and has the dirt under her fingernails to prove it! She's starting to get the whole cause and effect thing. If she does something that makes us laugh, she laughs then does it again. When she laughs, she has the cutest little dimple above her left cheek. And she really laughs now, like belly rolling, catch-your-breath kind of laughing. We just can't get enough. It is the best sound. 

She still clutches a little sock while she sleeps, a habit that began when she was about 2 months old. Most often when I go to get her in the mornings, she has long ago thrown her pacifier out of her crib but is still holding onto that sock. She now has her mor mor made 'blankie' so we are trying to work that in as well (mor mor is what the grand kids call my mom). She is still a great sleeper (almost 12 hours most nights plus 2 naps during the day). It seems those nights where she wakes up crying are due to her coming teeth. She only has one so far but that is just enough to chomp and chew on food. Now that we have introduced this concept of finger foods, she does not want to go back. When we don't give her something to feed herself, she just goes ahead and tries to get right out of her chair. I'm just glad that she likes eating. I love the bonding that comes from feeding her but I have to say that it is insanely cute to watch her feed herself. She loves all the new foods she has tried and it's fun that she can eat (almost) all the foods that we eat.

Some pics from the past month or so...

Meeting her friend Chloe

Chloe is so cute, look at that face!

Hanging out with my friend Natalia

Attacking her kitty. She does this with all her animals, should we be worried?

Play group at church


Lucia always wants to grab the camera now when I try to take pictures so I have a ton of pictures of her like this: blurry and crying.

Getting into trouble

You know, I thought we were done with the warm weather but then we had another 70 degree early December. (Thanks, global warming?)

We went ahead and set up the Christmas tree even though Lucia is the exactly perfect wrong age for a tree. The bottom row of lights are out from her trying to eat them and the ornaments don't start til a few feet up, but it's up! She tends to forget about it if the lights are off.

Naomi slept over last week and the girls had some fun time playing together once they both woke up (they didn't sleep in the same crib, that would have been a little too much fun)


At Caroline and Addison's 3rd birthday party. They still call her "Cia", so cute!

She's just one of the cousins

Trying to get a good pic in the mirror...not so much

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