Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Welcome Renee Joanne!

 We have lots of life to catch up on! 
We'll start with the newest addition to our family, sweet little Renee. 

Renee Joanne Bailey was born on June 3rd. She is the youngest daughter of my sister Greta and her husband Scott, joining sisters Addison and Caroline. Renee has been a wonderfully mellow baby since the day she arrived. It will be so fun to watch her grow up.

 Meeting my newest little niece. I still can't believe it's a girl! 
That's makes 7 little girls in our family.

 Matt and Renee


Greta and her girls (didn't miss a week of church!)

 Lucia meeting her little cousin. Move over Lucia, Renee is the new baby around here.

So cute! We love you, Renee.

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