Friday, August 30, 2013

Palm Springs!

I had the chance to go to Palm Springs for a long bachelorette weekend in July to celebrate my dear friend Molly, whose getting married in September. I not only got to spend time with Molly but with some of my other closest friends. The kind who I have known forever and ever and know everything about me...ya know, like those awkward Jr. high days and the gobs of eyeliner I used to wear. And it never seems to matter how long we have been apart but we always just pick up right where we left off.

It was a great weekend and my first one away from Lucia. I thought and talked about her a lot, missed her tons but it was refreshing at the same time. I knew she was in great hands with her dad. I felt like being away from her for a few days made me think about parenting from a bit of a distance and allowed me to see things from a fresh perspective when I got home.

Just looking at these pictures again made me happy 
(thanks Kelli, some of them are yours)...

 First things first when we got to LA...'connecting with the ocean' (as Jaime put it).

 Then after a brunch of breakfast sandwiches all around, it was a road trip off to 29 Palms for the night (a town right outside Joshua Tree National Park).

 We stayed at the guest house of this awesome historic hotel. Quirky, desert-y, amazing. Seriously, everything about this place was awesome.

 Including this dog

 And the fascinating nature tour that Jaime and I went on. I'm not joking, it was legit fascinating.

 There was a definite 'Palm Springs'-'hay day'-'rat pack' kind of vibe by the pool and restaurant. We may have disrupted it with pulling each other into the pool with their clothes on and such.

 Our guest house...turning the key together!

 Our back porch/yard.

 Hearty breakfast before heading out to Joshua Tree National Park. The crock pot oatmeal was the best, ha!

 Group pics: straight jump

Crazy jump

 Then we were off to see some Joshua Trees...

 Snake hole

 I had a few moments of alone quiet endangered thing these days. 
It was wonderful.

 Look at that storm in the distance.

 Of course we had to get out and take pictures.

 I love the ombre quality of this plant.

 Of course we had to get out and take a picture.

 Book-ending the storm...with pouty lips.

 Oasis in the desert.

 The 115 degree hike. And I was DONE at about this point slash this heat.

 So we headed out to Palm Springs for a few days. This was the house we rented and it was perfect.

 View from the rooms.

 We spent a lot of time swimming (it was over 100 degrees the whole time)...

 ...hanging out...

 ...hanging out by the pool...

 ...and eating.

 Duck. Dogscarf.

 There was a great fire pit area too. And the hot tub was the. exact. perfect. temp. for floating in at night. I could have fallen asleep in there.

 Hanging out at the Ace Hotel.

 Testing out the smile timer...apparently Molly wasn't ready.

 At least dogscarf is showing.

 You know that Marilyn Monroe statue that used to be on Michigan Ave? Well, I guess it's in Palm Springs now.

 Beautiful sunset on the last night.

 So long Palm Springs.

I can't wait for the wedding! Thanks for the great weekend, THE FOUR! (THE SIX with Kelli and Kristine!)

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