Thursday, November 28, 2013

Missing Fall Photos

 After a camera mix up, I found some photos that I thought were lost. Earlier this year we went to Goebberts on a nice fall day. The place is a weird combination of a farm, pumpkin patch and zoo plus a ton of commercialized stuff/junk. Fun times. There are a ton of animals to see and get very close to and lots of other kids activities.

 Hmm, which pumpkin should I pick?

 Good luck with that, Lucia.

 We had fun with good friends Zeke, Janine and Aaron.

 Then it was time for our Second Annual Fall Feast. Some very good food with great friends.

 Matt and I were Ron and Sheila for Halloween. Don't ask, you either know who they are or you don't.

 Lucia was a garden gnome for Halloween. She was pretty crabby when we were putting her costume on and she refused to wear the hat after pictures were done.

She's an angry elf.

 Trick or Treating with her cousins!

Here are some older pictures that Becca took out when we were in Washington this summer:
 Playing bubbles with grandma.



 Hanging out with her 2nd cousin, Beau.

 The Johnson gang

 Debbie and sister, Terry, with their grandkids

 Twirling with momma

 Thanks for the pictures, Becca!

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