Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Spring Happenings in Pictures

Spring is always up and down in Chicago. One day, visions of summer bliss and warmth, the next flashbacks of the worst winter cold ever. It snowed at some point in May, I believe. Regardless, we put away our winter gear cautiously and without too much joy (lest we jinx the warmth), dusted ourselves off and got outside remembering what the air feels like on our skin again. I just love the smell of spring. Dare I say, it's worth even the harshest of winters.

Here are some pictures from the last few months (end of spring, getting into summer)...

 There is a really cute English garden themed play space at Old Orchard. Lucia loved running through the mini garden maze.

We had a Titanic slash Marti Gras party with some friends. Mainly it was to get our friend Noah to watch Titanic for the first time because come on, who hasn't seen it? That's right, nobody. SO we had to fix that. Between Matt and I, we saw it six times in theater. There was movie watching, Mexican food and drinks, a pinata plus this amazing sinking Titanic cake.

 We had fun with the pinata on Noah and Corrie's roof.

 Lucia trying to fit in her old exersaucer but she's busting out now

 Once a week, we tagged along with Linnea and her kids to hang out with GG and grandpa Ray while Gwen and Sonja did piano lessons at Covenant Village. The kids love hanging out with them (plus the tv and snacks they get out of the deal).

 Gwen and Naomi have birthdays two days apart so we had a family party to celebrate them both.

 At Gwen's request, we played a family game of kickball at her school. It was tons of fun and funny that this fam has enough people to field a kickball game.

 GG and grandpa Ray watched the action from the sidelines. Yep, that's a seat out of a car that my grandpa is sitting in. The mind of John Wallgren and his problem solving skills never ceases to amaze us.

 On Mother's Day, the kids face-timing with Sommar in Washington.

 Lucia-sandwich with cousins Caroline and Addison

Heading to the park with these crazies

 Feeding the ducks at Lovelace park. I love that this park is walking distance from us.

 "What should I have for lunch?" -is probably what she is contemplating

 Our yearly Memorial Day weekend tradition is to go camping with friends at Lake Kegonsa in Wisconsin. The group changes a bit each year and it never fails to be a great time hanging out with friends and relaxing all weekend. This picture is from our drive up there. Love me some old barns next to beautiful trees.

This year we secured a group site that we have been scoping out for a while because it has lots of room and a shelter over the eating area. Not to mention, completely surrounded by green trees and beauty.

 Setting up the tent

 Lucia was trying to be her daddy, I guess. Reading his book, sitting in his chair with his hat on.

 Zeke dining alfresco

 Lucia and her new buddy, Soren

 The babies on the trip this year, Samuel and Anders. It's fun to watch the families grow as the babies multiply.

 Christine and Tresor even got to come hang out with us, yay!

 Lucia made friends with Lea from the campsite across the street. They mainly bonded by bubbles and running around our campsite squealing and holding hands. So cute!

The best part: campfires and the great conversation that happens around them.

 Oh man, what a great way to be welcomed home from work on my birthday!

 Matt planned a super fun party for me with friends and family but this was one of the only pictures I took, oops. Thanks for the fun time, ya'll!

 Then we got to go to Ron of Japan later in the weekend, which is always oh so yummy. Plus, the whole fam was there (and the kids were not:)

 Sonja's ballet recital dress is now Lucia's favorite thing to wear.

 And when she puts it on, she has to dance around in it. Here are Sonja and Lucia doing one of their shows.

 Beach trip in Winnetka

 Linnea and I took all our kids to the Shedd Aquarium for a free day. We almost didn't make it due to Lucia refusing to wear shorts (or anything besides just a shirt) but good thing we did cause look at this view at lunch!

 Look, they're so happy! 

Wait for it...

 And just like that...the many faces of childhood

 Watching the dolphins

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