Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July in the Chi

We've stayed busy this month and I've *tried* to capture what I can cause you know-- time is fleeting. Soaking in the great cooler summer weather and all the special time with family and friends.

 Forth of July parade in Winnetka with the cousins. After 30 years--28 of those living in Winnetka-- this was my first time going to a parade there. We were never around for Memorial Day or 4th of July growing up. Lucia had a blast and immediately ate all pieces of candy that she acquired, using her bag for gathering candy as a trash bag for the wrappers instead.

Cam rocked a pretty sweet patriotic outfit.

Then it was off to Noah and Corries to party up on their roof.

Like usual, it wasn't long before Lucia stripped down to her diaper.

The guys were once again reliving the glory of winning the Superbowl back in February---the natural thing to do at a 4th of JULY party, right?

There was a beautiful sunset then time for some 360 degree firework gazing up on the roof. It was bittersweet since Noah and Corrie moved a few weeks later, making this the last time hanging out at their place.

Lots of good times and memories, we'll miss hanging out here. We do look forward to hanging out with the Fletchers in Seattle! Not too far from where we'll be.


I realized I don't have a picture of Noah and Corrie from that night but I do have a pic of those lovely chairs :)

Greta and Scott went on vacation, leaving us with some quality time watching their three girls. A little crazy at times with the whole gang of girls but fun overall.

Making nature soup

Wagon ride to run around on some nearby hills

Snack time for Renee

Sprinkler time

Why not fill a pirate booty bag with water?

Our church has been working hard to get a new playground and play space finished. Here were some of the kids playing for the first time on the new equipment.

At the koi fish pond at Old Orchard

At the Village Green park in Winnetka

Lucia and Naomi told me they wanted to wash their car so I got them some supplies and let them have at it.

Summer Night Live with Jim the magician at church. Lucia didn't make it all the way through, she got freaked out during the middle and we had to take a little break inside.

At the 'rocket ship park' (Sunset Woods) in Highland Park

At Indian Boundary Park in Chicago with some friends. We've found some great parks around here this summer.

One of Lucia's go-to games is asking if you want ice cream and then running off to 'get some for you', 'just pretend', so Lucia was in heaven with this little play ice cream truck.


This is a face Lucia makes a lot these days-- squinty eyes and big toothy smile. It's not like she's posing for a picture, I think it's the result of us randomly looking at her and smiling---now she's doing it back to us. This is from a special coffee date we had in the garden at Tre Kronor, the perfect Chicago summer spot.

I have been loving life with Lucia now that I am not working and have more time with her. Especially fun is to see her learn new things and see how her brain puts them all together. She can say almost complete sentences almost completely all the time. My favorite of her wrong uses of words is saying "there her is", saying 'anymore' after everything, and her over excitement to say a sentence that turns into stuttering. And my favorite recent moment was when she found a scrap of paper with writing on it. She picked it up, ran her finger over the words like she was reading it and said, "it says, I love my mommy!" 

Lucia generally is really 'bringing it' in everything she does but she can especially 'bring it' when it comes to becoming an emotional wreck after A) not getting something she wants or B) getting something she wants taken away. But I secretly sometimes love those moments too, like when she crosses her arms tightly while proclaiming "humph" over and over again, raising her arms over her head and down to chest again for further emphasis. Also funny is when she gets annoyed and lets out a throaty "ugh!", pouting her lip and stomping around. Somehow, Matt and I each think she got her attitude from the other so apparently there is enough attitude in this family to go around. 

I love it most when she is being my sweet little girl, the one who gives me a kiss on the cheek just because or instigates to help clean up her spills or takes care of her baby dolls so gently and carefully but especially when she gave me an extra, and extra long, hug last night when she knew I felt sick. Those are the best moments.

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