Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Baby News from the Johnsons!

Affectionately named 'Owl Baby' by big sis Lucia

Big news from the Johnsons....

We're expecting a baby! And not only that but it's a BOY!!! 
He already has our hearts but will be in our arms this August. 

We could not be more excited! If you know my family, then you know that this is a day the Wallgrens thought might never come. With 7 little girls running around between me and my two sisters, we've all wondered if having a boy was even possible. Turns out it is but I still can't quite believe it. I made sure our ultrasound tech was really really really sure before entertaining the idea myself. We're glad to be the ones to usher in a new Wallgren era.

I am 20 weeks today. Half way already and feeling great.

Lucia has been convinced its a girl so she'll have to get used to the idea of having a brother instead of sister but regardless, she'll be a great big sister. She loves to help take care of babies and I imagine she'll love taking care of her Owl baby even more. She often comes up to my tummy, kissing it saying "I love you baby".

Lucia also has a 'baby' in her tummy named 'Claire Baby'. According to her, it's always in there but here she is pretending with a blanket under her shirt. Her baby is usually sleeping. But then when Lucia's stomach grumbles, she says "uhh! the baby noises!"

Bring it on, Baby Boy!

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Kristen said...

YEah, so exciting! Congrats all. Nice pictures too! :)

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