Thursday, September 4, 2008

Our second anniversary

Matt and I celebrated our second anniversary on Tuesday and it was a great day. We spent the day eating some good food which included a great big breakfast which is not so easy to find here in Bolivia. I just love going out to breakfast. We also spent the day picking up the trash around one of the playgrounds where the kids from one of orphanages frequent. There is so much trash on the streets and we figured that we could kill two birds with one stone by cleaning up the playground and make it safer for our kids. So Matt, Nate Spies, Kristin and I filled up about 20 bags of trash and definitely could have done way more. We plan on continuing this in different parts of the city in the future.

It was just a good day to enjoy each other and we still can't believe it has been two years already. But it has been a good two years and we look forward to many more.

1 comment:

Greta Wallgren said...

Yeah!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! I can't believe it has been 2 years already. Crazy! Can't wait to see you guys!!!!

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