Sunday, September 7, 2008

A trip to the lake

Yesterday we took a trip with the kids from Villa Israel to a nearby lake. It wasn't exactly what you would expect since the water was brown but it was a pretty scene none the less. I think the kids just had fun going somewhere new and having a fun lunch out...and man they can eat. Even little Franz can put some food away.

We had Joel drive us out there. The driving age is way lower here...just kidding.

Emily and Franz.

So it wasn't the bluest lake I've ever seen.

A floating restaurant.

The restaurant where we ate.

Matt and I had this little trout for lunch...I'm not kidding this time.

Nate and Erland both knocked out on the way home.

And the other thing that made it a special day was that we got to meet the newest little girl to the home. Her name is Neydi and she arrived at Villa Israel on Friday. She has no birth certificate so she is guessed to be about six years old. We only know a little bit of her story but are hoping to find out more from a local lawyer. We know that both her parents have died but not sure how. She was living with her aunt when she showed up on a young couples' door in the middle of the night saying that her aunt had abandon her. This young couple then took her to the Bolivian equivalent of Social Services.

This picture is from the day after she arrived at her new home. She was quite sad on Friday but you couldn't tell from this picture! She is such a beautiful and sweet little girl. Yesterday she kept asking me to take pictures of her holding different things and was asking me to sit next to her in the car. Every time you caught her eye she would smile this adorable little smile. I was caught off guard by her loving nature after having gone through so much in the last couple months. Hopefully she can continue to be happy as she gets used to her new family.

And today is Dia del Peaton in Bolivia which means it's pedestrian day. It is an environmentally awareness day of sorts where nobody is allowed to drive for most of the day. There is no public transportation and also no church. Since we live a little out of the city...and the Seahawks are playing...our household has opted to stay in and hang out at the house.

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