Friday, January 29, 2010

Looking over our blog I realized that I never really posted about our last week in Bolivia so I decided to do so even though it was over a month ago. We didn't take pictures with everyone we said goodbye to but I picked a few pictures from our last few days with some friends, at the Center and at church.

Hanging out with Katie Stewart for the last time in Bolivia but not the last time ever cause we know we'll see her again in the States. I loved not having to say goodbye forever to everyone!

Of course I had to have one last IC Norte hot dog! They are loaded with tons of good stuff, they're spicy and one of my favorite foods in Cochabamba! I think I may love these hot dogs more than anyone cause everyone in Bolivia always made fun of me for loving them.

Our last activity at the Center was the Christmas program a few days before we left. Each class put on a little play about Christmas around the world and this class was showing how people in China celebrate Christmas.

The girls in my class did a play showing how the first Christmas was celebrated.

Then we played Santa and gave gifts to each child. The gifts were donated thanks to the Navidad en Bolivia program. Thanks Adrian for all your hard work to make that happen and all of you who donated! The kids were so incredibly excited to receive a Christmas gift!

Our last Sunday at church and my last time singing on the worship team.

Then Moises, Howard and David invited us up front to pray for us.

Our last team dinner...I guess I already posted this picture.

Hanging out with Ted, Caroline and Jude for the last time in Bolivia. We didn't have to say goodbye to them either cause we know we'll see them again in the States too!

At the airport saying goodbye to the Spies. We just couldn't say goodbye forever to them cause we can't imagine not seeing them again...either they gotta come here or we'll have to go to Australia, or both!

And saying goodbye to the Quirogas (plus Daisy Spies) at the airport. Again, we can't imagine never seeing them again. I'm sure we'll find ourselves visiting them in Bolivia someday!

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Emily said...

Elsa, I just love your pictures and stories. Your life is filled with so much love and beauty, and I love how you have captured those wonderful moments. ~Emiy

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