Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Now that I have officially wrapped up Bolivia on the blog I thought I would share some highlights from our time so far in the States. We have been home now for about 6 weeks and have kept pretty busy since the moment we stepped off the plane! All good business as you will see...

First things first, we had to meet our new nieces, Greta and Scott's twins Addison and Caroline. They put me right to work with feeding Addison.

So cute! Addison on the left and Caroline on the right.

Addison in the front and Caroline in the back.


They were so tiny when we first saw them.

Gwen just loves to hold them.

Even while she's playing game-boy.

It was so great to be home for Christmas. Here was our attempt to take a picture of just the kids and grand kids. Its getting harder and harder now with all the kids!

Sonja was excited about her new Radio Flyer tricycle.

The day after Christmas we did our annual tradition of going to tea at the Drake with all the women on the Wallgren side.

We had a fun New Years with some friends. I have to admit that when "Sweet Home Chicago" played on New Years I almost cried because I was so happy to be home for the holidays.

Then we headed to Washington to visit our family and friends out there. After getting back I realized back that I didn't take any pictures with family! Also, I didn't take any pictures with Nate and Emily in Portland. I guess we were just having too much fun. Here are a few pics that I did take...
We went to Gas Works Park in Seattle which I had never been to and even though it was raining it was fun to see.

Matt, Debbie, Jeff and Mark

Of course we had to go to Pike's Place Market. I had actually never seen the famous "Public Market" sign so that was fun to see.

Another highlight of our time home has been going to my cousin Anne's wedding. I couldn't imagine missing it so the timing worked out great! It was so fun to be a part of Anne and Pete's special day. We love you guys and so excited to hang out more now that we're both in Chicago.

Beth helping Anne get ready. She looked gorgeous!

Some last minute details before seeing Pete and taking the first pictures.

Anne and Pete

Sonja was the life of the party at the reception and had tons of fun dancing.

I think this is the only picture of the two of us from that night.

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Joana Quiroga said...


I loved all the pictures, and the nieces look very cute!!!!

Missing you lots and lots here!!

Take care, and have fun!!!


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