Monday, April 4, 2011

Is It Spring yet?

I think so.
The beginning of Spring might be one of the best feelings. This goes back for me to when I was little. I have this memory of the beginning of Spring from when I was in elementary school...I get off the school bus and start skipping home while singing an impromptu song..."I love the green grass!" I sang it over and over again...skipping, smiling and loving life. Well, the thing is, I get that same exact feeling now as an adult. As the warmer weather creeps in and takes over the winter frigidness, it makes me feel alive again. This feeling makes winter feel worth it.

The beginning of Spring draws some serious parallels to the season of Lent as our pastor so eloquently illustrated in his sermon on Sunday. The first 20 or so days of Lent are days of blindness and the last 20 or so we move towards sight like the man who received sight in John 9. Easter is coming and we feel it like we feel Spring coming. The cold is passing and all the junk of winter goes with it. Spring feels like a renewal of the soul. The act and reality of Easter literally is a renewing of the soul.

I once was blind but now I see.

I hope you're enjoying the beginning of Spring as well!

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