Friday, April 15, 2011

Messy and Beautiful Multi-Colored Paper Banner

We had a 'Spring Celebration' party at our place last weekend. I took it as an opportunity to make fun food and decorate our place! I got my inspiration for this simple, beautiful and cheap decoration from Jordan Ferney's blog (check it out here) and then made my own version.

All you need is a pack of tissue paper, scissors, string and some sort of hooks to hang it (I used 3M hooks but you could hang on other hooks, nails, whatever)

Keep reading for further instructions and finished product...

To make streamers: take one sheet of tissue paper and fold in half hamburger way,
not hot dog way (remember that from elementary school?).

To make each piece different and random lengths, I cut each half again lengthwise at different spots before zig-zag cutting.

Zig-zag cut, leaving at least an inch at the end of each side to keep each streamer in tact for hanging. To further randomize, cut each sheet at different widths.

Hang each streamer on the string as you go otherwise you'll end up with tangled streamers all over the place. Decide what color order you want to hang them in beforehand and cut accordingly because it is way easier to string in that order if you're cutting in that order.

I had to start laying it all out on the floor cause it got too big for the couch. Next step is put the hooks up where you want them. I would suggest using at least four cause it'll slope a little from the weight of the paper so it's good to have reinforcement.

Ask a friend/husband/roommate to help hang it up then slide the paper carefully to even out all the colors.

Then step back and enjoy!

I love it! I'm gonna keep this up for as long as it lasts!

I even made a mini one for our front door.

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