Saturday, December 24, 2011

Showering Baby Melsa

You know, Matt + Elsa = Melsa

Our wonderful friends threw us a wonderful baby shower. It was lots of fun to be together and just having a shower makes this whole 'baby' thing a lot more real. I remember back when we first found out we were pregnant that thinking of the third trimester felt so far away but it is here and it time to start preparing.

It was extra special since our friends Carolyn and Ashley came into town from MN to help with the celebration. You guys are such great friends! It was also very important to make sure our friend Christine was able to be there as she is moving to Africa very soon for two years. AND our friend from Ecuador happened to be in town so she was also able to join in! (We didn't even take a picture together, Natalia!)

Me and my sisters

Some good name suggestions. So I pretty much failed in taking pictures (I think my sister got a few more good ones, maybe I'll add those). Thanks friends for everything! We are so appreciative to have you in our lives and now our baby's life.

Also it was our nieces Caroline and Addison's 2nd birthday this month. I can't believe they are already 2! Here they are at their birthday party with dad...
Happy birthday and we love you Addison and Caroline!

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