Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucia at One Month

Here is a picture of Lucia today at four weeks old! It has been a good month and has gone by fast. Lucia has been a great baby so far, her temperament has been mild (knock on wood, I know this can still change). We have had some phases of good sleep and others with not so much sleep which is all you can ask for with a newborn.

This is not to say that there are not explosive diapers, spitting up on clothes when you least expect it and random loud bouts of crying but we love her anyway! I've come to realize that if you want to learn how to enjoy the simple things in life (aka, a shower! having 10 minutes to do what you want! sleeping for 3 more minutes while your husband changes the diaper!) then just have a baby.

Going back in time a bit, here are some pictures from these past few weeks...

I have been taking advantage of her pretty regular afternoon nap to go for walks and to the grocery store using my moby wrap. Works great!

This seems to be her favorite position as of late.

Grandpa Mark and grandma Debbie were in town this week and got to spend lots of time with Lucia. It was great to have them here!

This is one of our favorite faces of hers, when she crosses her eyes and makes an "o"...always makes us laugh.

Lucia loves to look at her black and white art cards (thanks Emilie and Steve!). And I like them because I like how black and white looks in her crib rather than a neon colored mobile (for the record, I was feeling bad that we didn't have a mobile for her mostly because I didn't like the way it looked, but there have to be some compromises when we are sharing a room, right?)

And lastly, here is a picture of Lucia's cousins, Naomi, Sonja and Gwen looking at her together. And this moment really happened, I didn't stage it.

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The Johnson Family said...

Lucia is so, so cute! I love your comment about learning to enjoy the little things in life, it made me chuckle - so true! It's official, you're a parent! :) Glad to hear things are going well - congrats again, you guys.

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