Friday, March 16, 2012

Lucia's First Week at Home

I have had many requests for more pictures from friends and family who don't live in Chicago. Well, that's no problem for me since you know that I have taken tons of them! Here are a few of my favorites from our first week at home with Lucia.

After her first bath.

Love all those different expressions!

The thinker

I just love snuggling with her

With her new kitty from Molly

Gwen and Lucia

Addison and Caroline were over too but I didn't get a picture of them with Lucia.

It has been a great first week! Lucia has given us some nights with good stretches of sleep and some with hardly any sleep at all. In general I feel well rested (I didn't think I'd say that this first week!) and it's hard to care that you're getting up when she's just so cute! We have been blessed by many visits and meals from family and friends, thanks guys! And it has been great to go on walks to the lake and around our neighborhood in this beautiful weather we have been having. Matt goes back to work on Monday and we'll miss him; it has been great to have him at home this week.


Ashley Bailey said...

LOVE the 3rd pic. So cute!!

Linnea said...

That was my favorite one too!

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