Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lucia Lately (3 months)

 Lucia is 3 months as of last week. It has been fun to see all the little changes and development over this month. The last time we were at the doctor (about a week and a half ago now) she was 13 lbs 9 ounces so she continues to be about 90th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height (seems like she'll be taller than me since I was below 5th percentile for a long time when I was a baby). 

She is smiling and giggling, rolling over, grabbing toys and putting everything in her mouth. She has started more consistently to sleep through the night and has also started to really like her pacifier over the month. She likes to fall asleep holding onto something like a hand, her pjs or a sock but she has also perfected the art of wrapping her little fingers around her pacifier and yanking it out (that's when she gets one of her socks instead). One of our favorite times with her is first thing in the morning when she squeals with delight as we go to get her from her crib.

Here are some more pics from the month...

 Having fun with her dad

 And her uncle Jeff

 She loves to go for walks in the moby wrap and look around at the trees and surroundings. Now that she is bigger she has graduated to this legs-through way.

 Now that she can roll over she has started to sleep on her stomach sometimes.

 Me and my grandma decided that blue is her color.

 This is her other favorite way to sleep these days.

Here is a little series I call "Lucia at Night". It all started when I was putting the stroller away in our storage unit and saw Lucia smiling and giggling away to herself. (Don't worry, she was never actually by herself.) I just thought it was funny to see this happy little baby in this dark, dingy space (I have a weird sense of humor). So obviously I had to take some pics...

 We had a great visit this month from Matt's brother, Jeff.

 And my brother Eric graduated from college and is living in Chicago now. I guess Naomi really missed him, she wouldn't let go of him!

 It was also my birthday last week. We celebrated with some good Indian food.

 And took over Moody's pub with the fam. Moody's is such a great summer spot. It was here last year that I announced to my family that I was pregnant (via the game "Telephone" so that Gwen and Sonja wouldn't find out yet).

Naomi was really enjoying her moody burger.

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