Friday, June 12, 2009

We have spent this week at the Center making kites with the kids out of tissue paper and thread (and other stuff but I'm not going to list all the materials). Apparently everyone here knows how to make these because all of our Bolivian teammates said to us "You've never made these before?!?". So now we know. We spent the first few days making them and then flew them yesterday. Here are some pics...

Making them

Then we walked up the hill a few blocks from the Center to fly them.
Here is Brenda from my class flying hers.

Matt and Josie, one of his many adorers at the Center. ALL of the little girls love him. The other day one of the boys came up to me and said in Spanish, "Elsa, my sister loves your husband". This seems to happen wherever we go.

Me and Karen, another one of the girls in my class.

Abril, also in my class.

Lupe, also in my class. I was trying to take close-up pictures of a bunch of
the kids because the lighting from the sun was so beautiful.

Brandon busy at work

A bunch of the kites

Some of the girls hanging out on top of the soccer goal

Then they had my camera and took some pictures like this without me even
realizing it. I have no idea what I was doing that I was in this position.

P.S. I did get my tooth taken out with no problems except that it was a little tougher than my dentist thought it would be. But whenever you can something like that done for less than $10, it's fine with me even though it definitely hurt.
Don't worry Mom and Dad, it was legit.


Greta Bailey said...

I don't think I have ever made a kite before and I can't remember the last time I have flown one. It is great to see the kids that you work with every day.

Thanks for the comment about the dentist. I was wondering if it was legit!

adrian said...

Love you guys.. keep posting! A.

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