Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is It Spring Yet? Try # 2

Remember a few weeks ago when I declared it was Spring? Well, it turns out I was wrong! We have unfortunately had awful weather in Chicago this week. It snowed over night on Sunday so we woke up to slush on Monday...shouldn't happen at the end of April! Then every day this week was cold, rainy/sleety and gross! But being from Chicago, I guess this sort of thing is somewhat expected.

But today it is sunny with a high of 64. Might not sound so great to some but to us it is wonderful! So I'm gonna go ahead and declare again that it is Spring! (Although I think I saw a 30 or 40 degree day thrown in the forecast this week.)

One of my favorite things about our place when we moved in over the summer were the huge trees out our window. The trees and their green leaves fill up our whole view on the East side windows and they bring lots of chirping I was super excited to see the little buds popping up again!

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